Don’t take our word for it. See what some of our delighted clients have to say about our auto glass services.

“I was very pleased with their service from the beginning. The phone order required some research on their part and they responded promptly with options and quotes. The installation was professional as they were careful and thorough. I must say these guys know their business and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. I will definitely use them again.”

-Jim H, CA (10/12/2015)

“My car got broken into via the passenger side door. I called North Coast Auto glass because they had such great reviews on Yelp. I had such a great experience, Emmanuel was so great and did a really awesome job. I love that they came to my house the next day after calling and he was done within thirty minutes or so. He cleaned the car and inside the door and it looks just like it did prior to the break in. It was the least expensive that I could find and he comes to your house. I don’t think it could get any better than that! Thanks North Coast Auto Glass, i will be recommending you to everyone!”

-Jordan M, CA (10/20/2015)

“After a rock shot up and chipped my window on my brand new car, I went on their website and put in my info so they could contact me. Within 10 minutes I received an email with a reasonable quote and within 30 minutes Emmanuel and Abel came to my work to fix it. They were done within the matter of 20 minutes and now I can barely even see were the chip was. Plus a lifetime warranty is included!!”

-Emmi K, CA (10/15/2015)

Got a broken windshield. The wife called around searching for the best price, like she normally does… found these guys. She always goes for the Cheapest company… and we have had mixed results going cheep. We missed our first appointment, cause we were late getting home… They were able to come back and take care of us without any issues. Two brothers arrive, very nice guys. They show up and tell me they have two windshield options for me to choose, regular or tinted on the top… Of course I presumed this is the up-sell part… but they said no additional cost for either glass. Sweet! The time it took the two guys compared to the one guy I normally see is much faster, and very much appreciated.

I can’t recommend these guys more… Go bust your windshield and test them out!

-Glenn C, CA (9/29/2015)

This guys work fast, great service and very knowledgeable. They have the lowest prices in town unlike other companies I have hired in the past. Their mobile service was great and convenient came to my job and finish just in time for lunch.
Thanks guys!!!. I would definitely recommend them.

-Audri H, Oceanside, CA (7/22/2015)

“We needed a windshield quick! Our company vehicle had the window broken and we asked Facebook friends who they would recommend. So, we checked out North Coast Auto Glass and saw that they were closed on Sundays. Well, I thought give them a call and leave a message. Surprise! They answered the phone and got us an appointment the next day!

We were very pleased with the speed of their service. They were very professional. We would highly recommend them. Thank you Emmanuel! Very nice.”

-Terri H, Fallbrook , CA (6/24/2015)

“Here’s the play-by-play for my 5 star experience with North Coast Auto Glass

Last Friday
12:45 pm- Finished surfing Swamis, was driving home on the 101, when a tiny rock hits my windshield

12:47 pm- Idiot driver makes a right turn into the Whole Foods parking lot while driving in the left lane, almost side-swipes me, I slam on my brakes, my surfboard slides forward and bumps the area on my windshield where the rock hit a few moments before

12:49 pm- Turned onto Encinitas Blvd and I notice a small crack forming on my windshield where my longboard is pressing against it

12:50 pm- The crack is getting bigger and I can’t stop to pull my board back without causing a traffic accident

12:51 pm- Crack on my windshield is getting REALLY big, like Charlotte’s Web

12:53 pm- Pull over, run into Robertos Taco shop for an OB Burrito (hey, I was hungry)

12:58 pm- Munching on my burrito, I open the Yelp app on my smartphone and start calling nearby Auto Glass Repair places

12:59 pm- Called the 1st one and their line is busy (I mean, really?! Isn’t this gonna be 2014?!).

1:01 pm- Called the 2nd place, their business line forwards me to a customer service center, and then I’m told that my transferred call cannot be completed (note to business owners- try calling your OWN phone # every month or so to see if it really works)

1:02 pm- Called North Coast Auto Glass and a super nice guy answers, takes down my car info, and says he’ll call me right back with a quote

1:09 pm- Run into the bathroom at Robertos to pull a jalapeno seed out of my teeth, my phone rings, it’s North Coast, the guy quotes me a hella reasonable price, and says he can be at my house the following day at 3 pm to fix everything

2:27 pm- The guy from NorthCoast Glass shows up at my house early (I LIKE THAT), is super knowledgeable and helpful, and begins work

3:40 pm- Brand new windshield installed, no worries, no hassle, easy as pie! I would not hesitate to recommend this AWESOME company!!!

8:05 pm- My beloved spouse drives into our garage, returning from a business trip to Bakersfield, with a crack in the windshield of my other car

8:06 pm- FML, just FML…”

-Richard T, Carlsbad, CA (6/24/2015)

“I called around to price compare (as well as find someone who could come to my work to fix). I came across North Coast Auto Glass, Emannuel and Abel came at lunchtime and were finished before my hour was up. It looks awesome! So glad I went with him.
Fast, so friendly and great prices. VERY IMPRESSED. 🙂
Hopefully I wont need to call him again, but if I do or have friends that need a replacement, I will be suggesting these guys!”

-Nicole B, Encinitas, CA (09/28/2015)

“Great local business. A thief smashed my wife’s drivers side window on Friday evening. Couldn’t sleep that night so emailed north coast at 3 am. Heard a response at 6:45am and said they could come same day and install the glass. Emmanuel was very helpful and fixed our window in less then 24 hours from it being broken. These guys gave us peace of mind and lowered our stress level for the rest of the weekend. Thank you so much. If you need a window replaced call these guys.”

-Mike C, Vista, CA (10/03/2015)

“Amazing service, Emmanuel is the man! He showed up earlier than expected and had my windshield replaced within 30 mins all why I was working! Doesn’t get any better than North Coast Auto Glass, I highly recommend!!!! ”

-Mike C, Vista, CA (10/20/2015)

“WONDERFUL experience!
LOWEST price!
COURTEOUS team members!

After calling dozens of windshield repair companies all over San Diego County, I found North Coast Auto Glass and was thoroughly impressed.

They offered the lowest price and were able to schedule an immediate appointment. Their friendly and knowledgeable team drove to meet me at my apartment, provided/maintained an accurate ETA, and repaired my windshield in less than 45 minutes!

I recommend North Coast Auto Glass for their reasonable prices, prompt service and great customer service! ”

-Brook G, San Diego, CA (9/24/2015)

“We had Emannuel replace our windshield on my expedition he did an awesome job. He was very professional, on time, he drove to my location and clean work no trash or debris left behind. I would definitely recommend him to everyone.”

-Brenda H, Oceanside, CA (7/23/2015)

“My windshield broke needed to fix ASAP!!!. a couple of buddy’s of mine recommended me to North County Auto Glass. Great service great prices very convenient they came to where I work and fixed it on the spot they also have great customer service I definitely recommend them.”

-Luis H, Oceanside, CA (7/22/2015)

“North Coast Auto Glass is always reliable with fast and awesome service. Emanual worked fast and did the job quickly. Overall if I could give more stars I would!!!!”

-Chris G, Vista, San Diego, CA (7/9/2015)

“I would definitely recommend! Fernando was very professional, came out the day after I called. And as everyone else has said, the cost was $100 less than other quotes.

Also I want to say that my car is older and the moldings around the windshield are starting to peel off. I believe that had I taken my car to a bigger group or the dealer, they would have found a way to charge me for the side moldings or the clips that hold them on. These guys were extremely careful when taking off the side moldings so as not to damage the moldings or the clips, and they glued down the areas that were starting to come off. Now that is how service should be!”

-Amy B, Vista, San Diego, CA (9/13/2013)

“I came here because the motor on my power windows failed. Emmanuel was fast and very friendly! The cost was very reasonably priced and the windows now work great. He also offered a 1 year warranty if I happen to have issues in the future. Highly recommend 🙂 ”

-V.L, Carlsbad, CA (05/23/2015)

“Two of my windows were smashed in and I was looking for quick service with a competitive price. North Coast Auto Glass was local and able to come that very afternoon. Both of my windows were fixed in an hour right outside my apartment. The service was excellent (professional and friendly) and I saved a lot of money. I didn’t have to clean up any of the shattered glass and everything was done as good as new + high quality. I would recommend North Coast Auto Glass to anyone!! ”

-Jenna M, Encinitas, CA (07/14/2015)

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