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Advanced driver assistance safety systems (ADAS), are used to keep you and your vehicle safe on the road. An ADAS usually includes a front-facing camera connected to your windshield. However, when an accident occurs, and the windshield suffers damage, it is vital that you calibrate your windshield after replacement.

At North Coast Auto Glass, we understand how important it is for your safety that you have your ADAS calibrated and functioning properly. With our windshield replacement and windshield camera recalibration services, you can be confident that your safety is never at risk. 

Stay safe on the road, bring your truck, car or SUV to North Coast Auto Glass in Oceanside, CA for fast and reliable windshield calibration services.

Windshield calibration services in Oceanside, CA.

Types of Windshield Camera Recalibration 

There are two types of calibration, dynamic and static. Most vehicles only require one, while others feature an ADAS that might require both to be performed in order to work properly. At North Coast Auto Glass, we offer both types of windshield camera recalibration.

Dynamic Recalibration


With dynamic recalibration, the car is driven through well-marked roads at a specific speed in order for the camera to calibrate properly.

Static Recalibration


With static recalibration, a fixture is placed in front of the vehicle and camera. This fixture contains a specific image that helps the camera calibrate.


Do I Need to Calibrate Windshield after Replacement

Yes, for your advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) to work properly after windshield replacement, it requires specialized calibration. At North Coast Auto Glass, we offer full-service windshield solutions. We can replace your windshield and immediately calibrate your camera and sensors. This way, you leave with a brand-new windshield and a perfectly working ADAS system.

Is Windshield Calibration Covered by Insurance?

Yes, insurance companies cover the costs of windshield calibration. Calibration usually comes hand-in-hand with windshield replacement, which is also covered by insurance. At North Coast Auto Glass, we work with insurance companies to provide efficient and budget-friendly services.

How Long Does the Calibration Process Take?

It usually depends on the type of windshield camera recalibration that is performed. While static and dynamic calibration take each close to one hour, or sometimes more, some vehicles require both types of calibration to be performed.

North Coast Auto Glass, Your One-Stop-Shop for Everything Windshield-Related 

At North Coast Auto Glass, we offer a variety of comprehensive solutions for everything windshield-related. Whether you require windshield repair, or full replacement with windshield camera recalibration included, we can help.

We are a family-owned and operated business in Oceanside, California with over a decade of experience in the auto glass industry. We can perform any service you need on your windshield or any other car window. Additionally, we offer mobile services where we go to your home or business and fix your windshield on the spot. This saves you time and resources, as well as provides a faster and more effective solution.

Trust our auto glass experts, contact our Oceanside workshop now.

Back window glass replacement in Oceanside, CA.

What Our Customers Have to Say

“I called around to price compare (as well as find someone who could come to my work to fix). I came across North Coast Auto Glass, Emannuel and Abel came at lunchtime and were finished before my hour was up. It looks awesome! So glad I went with him.

Fast, so friendly and great prices. VERY IMPRESSED. 🙂

Hopefully I wont need to call him again, but if I do or have friends that need a replacement, I will be suggesting these guys!”

-Nicole B, Encinitas, CA

“I was very pleased with their service from the beginning. The phone order required some research on their part and they responded promptly with options and quotes. The installation was professional as they were careful and thorough. I must say these guys know their business and made me feel comfortable the whole way through. I will definitely use them again.”

-Jim H, CA

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