Common Signs of Misaligned Windshield Cameras and Their Impact on Safety


Knowing about windshield camera calibration and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration is a must. These are key safety features in your vehicle that you might not think about daily, but they play a huge role in keeping you safe. Misaligned windshield cameras can lead to faulty ADAS performance, which can be dangerous. 


So, let’s explore some common signs of misalignment and understand why regular camera calibration is necessary for your safety and peace of mind.

Signs of Windshield Camera Misalignment


Most times, it’s easy to spot a misaligned windshield camera. Here are some of the most common signs of windshield camera misalignment:


  • One of the most common signs is if your vehicle drifts to one side when driving on flat roads or if you must correct its steering while maneuvering around curves frequently. This could indicate an incorrect camera angle or azimuth—which can cause ADAS malfunctions like lane departure warning failure, incorrect cruise control speed readings, and more.
  • Another sign to watch out for is when the lines on your dashboard display don’t match the road in front of you. If this happens, there’s a good chance that the camera view isn’t matching up correctly—which can lead to problems such as blind spot monitoring errors and forward collision warning problems.
  • If your windshield camera’s field of view (FOV) is distorted, this could indicate that it’s also misaligned. This can cause incorrect lane centering and other safety issues. 

Common Causes of Misalignment

So, what are some of the most common causes for windshield camera misalignment? Here are a few:


  • The constant jostling can cause your windshield camera to become misaligned when driving on roads with potholes or uneven terrain. 
  • The camera might be misaligned if someone else has worked on the vehicle—like replacing the windshield or adding window tinting.
  • Sometimes, the camera can come loose due to age and vibration, resulting in it shifting out of position.

Impact on Safety

Misaligned windshield cameras can have serious safety implications for your vehicle. Here are a few ways that misalignment can affect the overall safety of your car:


  • Misaligned windshield cameras can cause issues like lane departure warning failure and incorrect cruise control speed readings, which can be hazardous when driving at high speeds on highways or freeways. 
  • If you have blind spot monitoring, a misaligned camera can affect its accuracy and even lead to false positives. 
  • It could also cause incorrect lane centering, which can be dangerous when you’re trying to maneuver around tight curves or in heavy traffic. 

Preventing and Addressing Misalignment


So, how can you prevent and address misalignment? The best way to ensure your windshield camera is properly calibrated is to take it to a professional for regular maintenance. This will help extend the camera’s lifespan and maintain its accuracy so that your ADAS systems perform correctly. You should also have your vehicle inspected after major service work or repairs to ensure the camera is still in good working order. 


It’s also important to be mindful of your driving style and avoid roads with potholes or rough terrain as much as possible. This can help minimize the risk of misalignment occurring due to vibration and jostling. 


Finally, if you ever feel something isn’t quite right with your windshield camera, don’t hesitate to take it in for a checkup. Catching any misalignment issues early on can help prevent any major safety risks down the line. 

Return to the Road Safely in No Time!

That’s all you need to know about windshield camera calibration and ADAS calibration! Properly aligned windshield cameras are the backbone of modern vehicle safety systems. Misalignment can have severe consequences, endangering lives and causing legal complications. To ensure the effectiveness of ADAS and enhance safety on the road, it is imperative to address misalignment promptly through regular calibration, especially after windshield replacements and accidents. 

By prioritizing responsible maintenance and calibration, we can all contribute to safer roads for everyone. So, don’t take any chances—head to North Coast Auto Glass in Oceanside, CA, for reliable and fast windshield camera recalibration services today. With regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your car or truck is running safely! Contact us today to learn more about our specials!