4 Tips for Windshield Maintenance

You probably already know that your car needs maintenance, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. This includes changing the oil and rotating the tires, but it doesn’t end here. Did you know that the windshield itself requires maintenance as well? It is true! If you want to keep your windshield, and by extension your car, in the best shape possible for as long as possible, you’re going to want to follow a few tips and tricks:

#1 Avoid Parking under Direct Sunlight

Our direct sunlight here in California is not something to take lightly! Parking your vehicle to where it is baking in the hot summer sun could put your entire car at risk, including the windshield. These extreme temperatures could result in stress cracks in the windshield, which could eventually put the entire glass at risk of breakage. An existing crack could further spread when left under direct sunlight. When possible, always choose a parking spot that is out of the sun, which could be in a garage or any other shaded spot.

#2 Replace The Windshield Wipers on a Regular Basis

The condition of the windshield wiper affects the windshield. The windshield wiper is made of two components, a metal structure on the inside and a rubber coating on the outside. When the rubber coating wears out, your windshield is exposed to the metal structure. It doesn’t take a car expert to know that it is not good for glass! If you don’t replace the wipers, the metal scrapes your windshield each time you run the wipers. This will eventually leave serious scratches. That is why experts recommend for you to replace them at least once a year.

#3 Avoid Slamming the Car Doors

When you slam or close the car door too hard, it could possibly cause serious vibrations inside the car. This may result in the side windows to become loose and come off their tracks. If your glass already has small nicks, chips, or cracks, they could grow. Little by little, each time you close the door too hard, you are further compromising the integrity of the glass. Be sure to close the door gently in order to avoid this.

#4 Never Leave Chips or Cracks Unrepaired

It may be tempting to go ahead and continue driving with a cracked windshield, perhaps because you are busy and need to get some things done before sacrificing some time. This glass is not just a cosmetic issue, the windshield plays an important role in a car’s safety restraint system, which is designed to keep passengers inside during a collision. This isn’t something to let go! It is not only the safe thing to do but also the legal thing to do to have your windshield repaired as quickly as possible.

For any and all car windshield concerns, contact North Coast Auto Glass. We’ll do everything we can to make this experience as simple for you as possible, including coming to your location.