Driving when it’s cold outside can be a hassle, with windshields fogging up at the worst times. Not only is it awkward to constantly reach the windshield to wipe away the fog, but it could also be dangerous if you cannot see the road ahead clearly.

To make your drive a little more bearable and possibly save you some trouble, here are some tips on how to get rid of fog on the windshield.

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How to Prevent Foggy Windshields

Keep the Interior Temperatures Balanced

Use Defogging Sprays

Open Windows Slightly

Utilize Air Conditioning or Heating

Why Do Windshields Get Foggy?

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How to Prevent Foggy Windshields

Sometimes a little fog is inevitable, so it’s best to be prepared! Below we’ve compiled some tips to help you prevent fogged glass. 

1. Keep the Interior Temperatures Balanced

Make sure you keep your car’s interior from getting too hot or cold. If possible, set a comfortable temperature and try to keep it at an even level throughout your drive. This will help reduce the amount of fog that builds up on the windshield due to drastic temperature changes.

2. Use Defogging Sprays

You can purchase special defogging sprays from any auto store and apply them to the inside of your windshield for maximum effect. The sprays work by creating an invisible shield over the glass that prevents moisture from condensing on the surface, thus preventing fogging.

3. Open Windows Slightly

Cracking open a window slightly (especially when transitioning between extreme temperatures) can help reduce the amount of fogging on the windshield. The fresh air will help balance the humidity level inside your car, reducing condensation and ultimately fogging.

4. Utilize Air Conditioning or Heating

Using the vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system is also a great way to clear up any residual moisture or fog on your windshield. Turning on the fan setting to its highest speed and pointing it directly at the glass should do the trick.

If your windshield is foggy, and you need a streak-free windshield cleaning hack, we recommend you use a microfiber cloth or even newspaper to wipe away the fog.

Why Do Windshields Get Foggy?

Fogging on the windshield occurs when warm and cold air meet, causing condensation to form on the glass. This is because colder air is less able to hold moisture compared to warmer air, so when they come into contact, the water droplets are released in the form of fog or mist.

Your windshield is crucial for your safety while driving, so it’s important to take steps to prevent and reduce fogging. By following the tips above, you can make sure that your windshield stays clear and fog-free!

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