How Long Do Wipers Last? All You Need To Know About Windshield Wipers Lifespan

As a driver, you know that having a clean and clear windshield is essential to staying safe on the road. After all, your windshield wipers are your first line of defense against adverse weather conditions. But how long do windshield wipers last before they need to be replaced?

In this post, we will share all the information you need to know about the lifespan of windshield wipers, how to extend their life, and how to replace them.

How Long Do Windshield Wipers Last?

On average, you can expect your windshield wipers to last between 6 months to a year. However, several factors can influence the lifespan of your windshield wipers, such as the frequency of use, the climate you’re in, and the quality of the wipers you install.

For example, if you drive in a hot, dry climate, the UV rays can damage your wipers and shorten their life span. Similarly, the salt and ice can cause the wiper blades to wear out rapidly if you live in a cold and snowy area.

Maintenance Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Windshield Wipers

Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to ensure your wipers last as long as possible. 

1. Don’t Use Your Wipers With a Dry Windshield

Firstly, avoid using your wipers on a dry windshield, as this can cause the rubber to wear out quickly.

2. Regular Cleaning Is a Must

Clean your wiper blades regularly, and avoid using alcohol-based products or windshield fluids, as they can damage the wipers.


3. Avoid Leaving Your Car Outdoors

Always park your car in a garage or a covered area to protect the wipers from harsh weather conditions.

How to Replace Your Windshield Wipers?

It may be time to replace your wiper blades if you notice signs of wear and tear, such as streaking or chattering. The good news is that replacing your wipers is a simple and affordable process we can handle without a hassle.

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