When it comes to driving safely and responsibly, nothing is more important than the driver’s line of sight. Anything blocking that line in front of your car’s window can lead to serious consequences.

Well-maintained windshield wipers will help you clear the view and proceed with caution if you are trapped in the rain, ice and snow, or any other type of weather that could block your visibility. Improperly maintained wipers won’t clean the view; instead, they’ll spread the dirt, rain, or snow, making the driving conditions even worse.

A pair of windshield wipers will typically feature a blade, a fluted shaft, a wiper rubber, and an articulated arm for improved back and forth motion. This motion helps to clear the view by removing and clearing away particles of dust, dirt, ice, and rain.

If you take a look at your windshield arms, you will notice the driver’s arm is longer than the other. But what is the reason for this? In this blog post, we will share the answer to this question and other aspects every car owner needs to know to keep their windshield in good shape.

Why Is One Windshield Wiper Longer Than the Other?

Blades on the driver’s side should be longer than those on the passenger side to maximize the driver’s range of vision. In order to establish a distance with the other arm, the longer wiper moves away from the wiper pivot, turning through an angle of around 90 degrees from its initial position.

If the wipers were of uniform size and centered on the windshield, they would overlap, increasing the risk of glass breakage.

windshield wiper maintenance

What Size Windshield Wipers Do You Need?

Since windshield wipers require regular maintenance or replacement, it is crucial to know their appropriate size. If the windshield wiper blades aren’t the right size for the windshield, they won’t clear all of it, and if they’re too big, they’ll wear out faster since they’ll keep hitting the top trim.

The easiest way to establish the correct size for each windshield arm is to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and stick to those measures (usually in milimiters).The glass and arm specifications should be included in the owner’s manual based on the year, model, and other characteristics of the vehicle.

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Our crew at North Coast Auto Glass can repair windshield damage that is smaller than 1 inch in diameter. If you allow your windshield to deteriorate, a full windshield replacement becomes your only option.

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