How Does a Windshield Coating Work?

You want to be as safe as possible while out on the Oceanside area roads. It is possible to improve safety with a windshield glass treatment. First, we’ll tell you exactly what this product is. Then, we’ll go a little deeper into how it works. This is something you definitely want to know!

What is a Windshield Coating?

If you’re thinking that your windshield is one of the most essential yet often overlooked safety features on your vehicle, you’re absolutely right. This coating can be a lifesaver, quite literally. Research has proven that these treatment products can improve your view through your windshield in rainy weather by up to 34%. The improved vision can then increase your response rate by up to 25%. These numbers mean a treated windshield could be the difference between avoiding an accident or being part of one.

These special glass treatments coat your vehicle’s windshield with water repellant. This serves to make it easier to wipe away water, dust, bugs, and anything else affecting your view. One treatment will give you a clearer view out your windshield for months to come!

How does it Work?

To navigate everyday life, we count on our five basic senses: touch, eyesight, taste, smell, and hearing. When driving, you are honed into your eyesight and hearing more than the others. In fact, if you can’t see, you can’t drive- it’s as simple as that. Windshields are one of the most important parts of your car, truck, or SUV and it’s absolutely essential that you can fully see out of it.

This product seems pretty amazing, but how it works is actually fairly simple. Most glass treatments work by coating your vehicle’s windshield with a silicone film that is water repellent. The coating makes any water, like raindrops or condensation, bead up. This improves the wiper blade’s ability to remove the water. At the right speed, rain simply beads up and runs off. Being able to see better could mean the difference between skifully avoiding a dangerous situation or becoming part of it.

Beyond just water, the coating also makes it easier to wipe off anything else that happens to be on your windshield, like dirt, dust, ash, and bugs.

Trust North Coast Auto Glass for All of Your Windshield Needs

When driving, vision is by far your most important sense. The cleaner your glass is, the easier it is to see! For this and any other windshield treatment in Oceanside, the team to call is at North Coast Auto Glass. We are all about customer convenience! We prove this by coming to your home, office, or any location that works best for you in order to perform your service. Reach out and book your appointment today!