Oceanside Windshield Questions: Are Car Windshield Wipers Universal?

One could say that your car is only as safe as your windshield is clean, and also that your windshield is only in as good of shape as your windshield wipers are. If your windshield wipers need replacing for any reason, you should not drive again until you have replaced them.

This leads to a few additional questions. Do you have a choice in windshield wipers? Are all windshield wipers the same? As your Oceanside experts in all things related to windshields, we are here to answer these questions and more!

Understanding Windshield Wipers

Let’s get our first question out of the way. No, windshield wipers are not universal. Also called wiper blades, they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and variations. This makes sense when you think about it. A massive truck and a tiny subcompact car are going to have very different-sized windshields, so there must be a selection of different blades to suit all drivers and vehicles. Because they are not universal, and it can be difficult to know which ones to buy when replacing your wipers. Most wipers measure between 10 and 28 inches. 

It’s also important to note that while wiper blades are different from vehicle to vehicle, they’re also different from left to right on the same car. Sometimes, matching sizes are required for the driver and passenger sides. However, different sizes are usually required for each side of the windshield. In a case where the left and right side should be different, the two wipers may be numbered, with #1 referring to the driver’s side and #2 being the passenger side. Other times, the driver’s side wiper is noted with a tiny “D” somewhere on the wiper and the passenger side has a “P” instead. 

You’re not finished when you find the right size. There are even different types of blades you can buy now. Today’s top windshield wipers are quite advanced! Standard wipers are coated with rubber squeegees or halogen-hardened rubber. They are manufactured for all vehicle makes and models. Beyond traditional blades, there are also flat wiper blades, spoiler wiper blades, hybrid wiper blades, and more. Hybrid wiper blades combine the aerodynamic design of flat blades with the solid form of conventional wipers, enabling smooth airflow and sturdy support.

Get Help From Oceanside Professionals

Poor visibility while driving is not something to take lightly. Due to the fact that there are so many different choices, the possibility you make a mistake is high. The wrong choice could mean buying a set that doesn’t fit, at best, or driving around in a very unsafe car, at worst. Our windshield experts will help you find and install the correct blades using just your car’s make and model details. It is okay that you are not a windshield expert, because we are!